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Don't wait until it's too late

Most people don’t start looking for dental insurance until they already need services.  Unfortunately, most plans have waiting periods before coverage will start for certain benefits.  At Insurance & Business Planning Inc we offer several different types of plans, including: network dental discount programs, preventative care plans, and loyalty programs.


Don't wait until the toothache starts before you get the coverage you need. Let our certified team help you walk through all of your dental insurance options, and keep your mouth happy.

Choosing the right plan is vital

Good oral health is part of your total health picture and it’s not just about pearly whites and fresh breath. Healthy teeth can help you maintain a healthy body.


Our consulting is designed to meet different needs – from dental discount plans to dental insurance, from single coverage to something that fits the whole family, or your employees.

The types:

  • Go Anywhere Plans

           -  Dentist of choice

  • Dental PPO plans

  • Dental HMO plans

  • Discount plans

Protect your smile

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A constant advocate for your peace of mind


Rest easy knowing that the most important things in your life are protected. Whether it's business insurance or short term coverage, we're here with over 35 years of experience serving the Tri-State and Evansville area.